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Easy Open End Eoe Aluminum Coil

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Easy Open End Eoe Aluminum Coil

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Introduction of Easy Open End Eoe Aluminum Coil
Easy Open End Eoe Aluminum Coil is used to produce sealed cans with pull-ring lids, which belong to metal packaging products. It is mostly made of aluminum or tinplate and has a variety of sizes. It is suitable for iron cans, aluminum cans, composite cans, PET plastic cans and paper cans. The easy-open lid made of Eoe easy-open-lid aluminum coil is used for can closure and opening. Its definition is that it is pre-engraved with a deep score line and riveted with a pull ring that can be safely torn along the score line when opened. cover.
The advantages of Easy Open End Eoe Aluminum Coil
Because aluminum will form an oxide film on the outside in the air, namely aluminum oxide Al2O3, which makes the aluminum will not be oxidized even at the high temperature of Baidu. Aluminum cans also have this oxide film on the surface, even if they are installed inside. There is liquid (the liquid can form a solution of aluminum and oxygen to accelerate the oxidation reaction), and it will not rust like iron. Although carbonated beverages contain carbonates, aluminum is not easy to react with them. 5182 aluminum plate is used as the ring pull material for cans.
   At the same time, the relative density of aluminum alloy is relatively small, and the quality of aluminum of the same volume is much smaller than that of iron. Of course, the lighter the can, the better it is. It is more convenient for everyone to hold; aluminum alloy is easy to recycle and environmentally friendly.

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