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3105 H16 alu sheets for Aluminum ROPP Closures

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3105 H16 alu sheets for Aluminum ROPP Closures

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The Product Introduction of 3105 H16 alu sheets for Aluminum ROPP Closures:
The main metal element of 3105 H16 alu sheets for Aluminum ROPP Closures is Al-Mn. On the basis of 3003 aluminum alloy, some Cu and Mg are added to increase the mechanical properties of the finished product. This alloy has higher strength than 3003 alloy aluminum plate;
The main thickness is 0.15-0.3mm,
The state is O state, H12, H14, H16, etc.
In order to increase the demand for deep drawing of aluminum plates for bottle cap materials, the use of aluminum for bottle cap materials in the wine industry is gradually increasing. The working environment of the wine industry is very strict, which requires structural materials to have certain tensile strength, yield strength, elongation, pressure resistance, deep drawing and other properties. In addition, considering the structure and use environment of the wine industry, wine bottle materials are also required Has good food safety. However, aluminum plates for ordinary bottle cap materials cannot meet the performance and safety of such strong bottle cap materials.
Our company adheres to the usual practice, puts product research and development as the top priority, invests heavily in improving the traditional production process, and has always regarded product quality as the life of the enterprise. The 3105 H16 alu sheets for Aluminum ROPP Closures has superior performance and is accepted by cooperative customers. With very good feedback, it is the outstanding product quality that can open the market.

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